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mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation

ISME/ITTO, Okinawa, pp 170–188, Stanley OD, Lewis RR (2009) Strategies for mangrove rehabilitation in an eroded coastline of Selangor, peninsular Malaysia. While additional species in a community often may increase ecosystem resilience [39], ecosystem properties can often be maintained despite species loss due to functional redundancy or little contribution to the process from the species [40]. Instituto de Ecología A.C. 10.1890/0012-9658(1999)080[1150:TMAORR]2.0.CO;2. 10.2984/1534-6188(2008)62[1:PCOTMC]2.0.CO;2, Rönnbäck P: The ecological basis for economic value of seafood production supported by mangrove ecosystems. Coastal land is often of high value creating large pressures for conversion for aquaculture and agriculture or infrastructure and development projects for facilities such as harbours and industries such as tourism [8, 9]. 10.1016/j.tree.2011.08.006, Field C: Rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems: an overview. Bot Sci 93:165–174, Bernini E, Cristina de Fátima NRS, Lage-Pinto F, Paiva Chagas G, Rezende CE (2014) Fitossociologia de florestas de mangue plantadas e naturais no estuário do Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Relevant comparator: Indication that study attempts to evaluate the quality/success of the mangrove restoration. It is expected that insufficient suitable studies will be identified to allow meta-analysis for all taxonomic groups or ecosystem services types. Alongi DM: Present state and future of the world’s mangrove forests. Springer Nature. 2nd edition. A critical step is to develop a decision tree that serves as a guide to optimize the use of available funding in the development, implementation, and monitoring of R/R protocols to set clear objectives, goals and deadlines. This can be broken into components as shown in Table 2. Estuar Coasts 34:1–19, Roderstein M, Perdomo L, Villamil C, Hauffe T, Schnetter ML (2014) Long-term vegetation changes in a tropical coastal lagoon system after interventions in the hydrological conditions. Teas HJ (1977) Ecology and restoration of mangrove shorelines in Florida. Additionally, the Google Scholar data- J Plant Ecol 3:165–174, Macintosh DJ, Ashton EC, Havanon S (2002) Mangrove rehabilitation and intertidal biodiversity: a study in the Ranong mangrove ecosystem, Thailand. Subsequent analysis will be conducted at the level most appropriate once data extraction is complete. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp 277–297, Stubbs BJ, Saenger P (2002) The application of forestry principles to the design, execution and evaluation of mangrove restoration projects. After the presentations, the audience discussed many scenarios, problems, and requirements on achieving sustainable rehabilitation of the mangrove forests. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. We analyzed current best practices and recommendations used in the implementation of mangrove rehabilitation and restoration (R/R) projects in the Atlantic-East Pacific (AEP) and the Indo-West Pacific biogeographic regions during the last 20 years. 10.1007/s12237-007-9008-5. Cite as. S Afr J Bot 67:383–389, Kaly UL, Jones GP (1998) Mangrove restoration: a potential tool for coastal management in tropical developing countries. In: Thorp JH, Gibbons JW (eds) Energy and environmental stress in aquatic systems. Pulver TR 1976 Transplant techniques for sapling mangrove trees, Ren HR, Wu X, Ning T, Huang G, Wang J, Jian S, Lu H (2011) Wetland changes and mangrove restoration planning in Shenzhen Bay, Southern China. In: Carabias J et al (coords). Landsc Ecol Eng 7:241–250, Ren H, Guo Q, Liu H, Li J, Zhang Q, Xu H, Xu F (2014) Patterns of alien plant invasion across coastal bay areas in southern China. This systematic review protocol presents a methodology that will be used to assess the impacts of mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation on biodiversity and provisioning ecosystem services in a global context. New York: Oxford University Press; 2007. Uniquely using this approach will minimise bias in the studies included and allow quantitative synthesis of results, giving indications of magnitude of differences between restored or rehabilitated mangroves and reference sites. Aquat Bot 89:155–185, Nam VN, Sasmito SD, Murdiyarso D, Purbopuspito J, MacKenzie RA (2016) Carbon stocks in artificially and naturally regenerated mangrove ecosystems in the Mekong Delta. The module establishes the difference between forest restoration and rehabilitation and sets out the main steps involved in both. Mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation. Ecol Econ 1999, 29: 235–252. Restor Ecol 8:219–229, Ellison AM (2008) Managing mangroves with benthic biodiversity in mind: moving beyond roving banditry. Aquat Bot 2008, 89: 251–259. It has been suggested that: • Community management could lead to conflicts around enforcement and corruption. UNEP/GRID-Geneva. 2nd edition. Aquat Bot 113:19–31, Rovai AS, Barufi JB, Pagliosa PR, Scherner F, Torres MA, Horta PA, Simonassi JC, Quadros DPC, Borges DLG, Soriano-Sierra EJ (2013) Photosynthetic performance of restored and natural mangroves under different environmental constraints. Ocean Coast Manag 20:23–39, Salmo SG III, Lovelock C, Duke NC (2013) Vegetation and soil characteristics as indicators of restoration trajectories in restored mangroves. Unpublished data would indicate that the even higher costs, as much as USD$500,000/ha, has been spent on individual projects. Mangrove Wetland Restoration and Rehabilitation. Table 4.9: Proposed Action plans for Mangrove Rehabilitation Measure/Action 1: Attract funds through properly formulated proposals and through encouragement of self sustaining economic activities using mangrove products. Estuaries 2003, 26: 1461–1471. In fact, given the importance of mangrove forest ecosystems, and the current threat to these coastal forests, this is an imperative. mangrove forest have been reported to range from USD$225/ha to USD$216,000/ha. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 66:157–167, Bohórquez-Rueda C, Prada-Triana MC (1988) Transplante de plántulas de Rhizophora mangle (Rhizophoraceae) en el Parque Nacional Corales del Rosario, Colombia. If comparators are specified then a reference mature mangrove forest for comparison or data on original mangrove forest structure pre-impact and post restoration. 48 p, Álvarez-León R (2003) Los manglares de Colombia y la recuperación de sus áreas degradadas: revisión bibliográfica y nuevas experiencias. In: Quarto A, Enright J, Corets E, Primavera J, Ravishankar T, Stanley OD, Djamaluddin R (eds) Mangrove action project – Yayasan Akar Rumput Laut (YARL), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, p 64. The search string was developed using ISI Web of Knowledge and trialled against a test library. This training aims to increase participant capacity to engage in mangrove rehabilitation. Searches will not intentionally be restricted by year, however database access will be limited to certain years by institutional subscriptions (see below for details). Eliminate existing threats to the ecosystem: Substantial achievements in mangrove rehabilitation were made in one of the three target villages, Bang Tawa. Lau WWY: Beyond carbon: conceptualizing payments for ecosystem services in blue forests on carbon and other marine and coastal ecosystem services. Justification for the action: Inadequate financial assistance and government patronage for mangrove restoration programmes Ocean Coast Manag 132:36–37, Ong JE, Gong WK (2013) Structure, function and management of mangrove ecosystems. Lewis and Gilmore (2007) discuss fish use of both natural and rehabilitated mangrove forests and report specifically about monitoring of a successful 500 ha mangrove rehabilitation project in Hollywood, Florida, USA, where sampled fish populations in both reference and restored sites were statistically indistinguishable within 3–5 years of restoration. Plantations in mangroves are often monocultures due to ease of planting or for silviculture, enabling harvesting at the same time [44]. 10.1080/00207239308710819. Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, pp 339–347, Saenger P, Khalil A (2011) Regional guidelines for mangrove restoration in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. In Southern Vietnam, by contrast, the mangrove restoration projects are more open to local communities, encouraging a symbiosis of sorts between local people and mangroves systems. Assessing the abundance or biomass of key taxa can therefore give an indication of service levels. Mangrove Rehabilitation in Nigeria. Independent Study Project (ISP) Collection. ELTI and local partners have been working together to maintain, restore and improve the function of a mangrove forest as proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) habitat in Sungai Hitam, East Kalimantan. University of Maine Press, Orono, pp 81–138, Oliveira-Filho RR, Rovai AS, Menghini RP, Coelho-Jr C, Schaeffer-Novelli Y, Cintron-Molero G (2016) On the impact of the Brazilian Forest Code on mangroves: a comment to Ferreira and Lacerda (2016). Early mangrove rehabilitation programs focused on establishing forest cover often for timber value and coastal protection without directly considering further biodiversity components, such as tree or structural diversity [41]. An Internet search will be carried out using the following search engines: Google Scholar - Wetland plants, like mangroves, take in carbon dioxide when they perform photosynthesis. Curr Sci India 85:794–798, Selvam V, Ravishankar T, Karunagaran VM, Ramasubramanian R, Eganathan P, Parida AK (2005) Toolkit for establishing coastal bioshield. Senior Research Officer (SRO) at the Forest Research Centre (FRC) of the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD), specialising in mangrove ecology, conservation and restoration. According to official data, the nation currently has 3.49 million hectares of mangrove forests, of which 52 percent or 1.82 million hectares are in damaged condition. Version 3. The official statement says: “Today, marks the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. pp 153–172 in RR Lewis (ed), Creation and restoration of coastal plant communities. 3) [55], where 10.1651/07-2835R.1, Duke NC: Gap creation and regenerative processes driving diversity and structure of mangrove ecosystems. This review will assess studies that have undertaken biodiversity surveys of restored and rehabilitated mangrove forests by comparing them against suitable mature reference mangrove forests within the same region, or surveys prior to degradation of the forest. However, the success of restoration efforts in the region are notoriously low, despite the tens of millions of dollars spent. The study estimates planting, capital and recurrent costs at approximately US$41 per hectare of mangrove … 10.1890/04-0922, Lewis RR III: Ecologically based goal setting in mangrove forest and tidal marsh restoration. Many mangrove restoration and rehabilitation projects are conducted through integrated conservation and development projects [45] or community based natural resource management programs [46], engaging local communities and focusing on ecosystem services provided by mangroves in part to try to establish protection of biodiversity through sustainable use. and Science 2007, 317: 41–42. Two researchers will assess a random 100 citations, applying the inclusion criteria at title and abstract level. At this village, an area of approximately 80 ha of severely degraded mangroves, completely clear-felled in most of the area, was available for the community. In: Chan HT, Ong JE (eds) Guidelines for the rehabilitation of mangroves and other coastal forests damaged by Tsunamis and other natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific Region, ISME-ITTO, pp 9–14, Siikamäki J, Sanchirico JN, Jardine S, McLaughlin D, Morris D (2013) Blue carbon: coastal ecosystems, their carbon storage, and potential for reducing emissions. Correspondence to equals the weighting and k equals the number of studies. Mangrove Restoration and Rehabilitation for Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam By Neil Powell , Maria Osbeck , and Dr. Bach Tan Sinh Located within the tropical monsoon belt, Vietnam is extremely vulnerable to climate change, particularly to increases in storm intensity and sea level rise. Florida Sea Grant College, Gainesville, Crutzen PJ, Stoermer EF (2000) The “Antropocene”. Mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation programs are increasingly undertaken to re-establish ecosystem services in the context of community-based biodiversity conservation. Ecol Econ 107:22–38, Tobey J, Clay J, Vergne P (1998) The economic, environmental and social impacts of shrimp farming in Latin America. The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program (NOAA) and the CAPES/CNPq Science without Borders Program (grant no. Restor Ecol 21:215–223, Cintrón G, Schaeffer-Novelli Y (1983) Introducción a la ecología del manglar. PERSGA Guidelines No. Rev Fish Biol Fish 2004, 14: 153–180. For Ecol Manag 131:201–214, Estrada GCD, Soares MLG, Fernadez V, de Almeida PMM (2015) The economic evaluation of carbon storage and sequestration as ecosystem services of mangroves: a case study from southeastern Brazil. … Springer International Publishing, pp 47–64, Jerath M, Bhat M, Rivera-Monroy VH, Castaneda-Moya E, Simard M, Twilley RR (2016) The role of economic, policy, and ecological factors in estimating the value of carbon stocks in Everglades mangrove forests, South Florida, USA. GD-0010, PERSGA, Jeddah, Saenger P, Sankaré Y, Perry T (1996) Review of selection criteria and ecological guidelines for mangrove restoration studies. Non-English language articles providing a published title and abstract in English will be included in the review, with the full text being translated if required. Goals of mangrove restoration or rehabilitation often include: conservation, coastal protection, timber production forests or mixed use forests for high sustainable yields [18, 42]. Ecol Soc 10:19, Holl KD, Aide TM (2011) When and where to actively restore ecosystems? 10.2307/1937691, Bacon PR: Use of wetlands for tourism in the insular Caribbean. At a global level there is increased awareness of the role of mangroves in carbon storage [25], both through timber but more importantly as 'blue carbon’- carbon resources stored underground in associated stable mangrove sediment, which can be greater than that within the standing mangrove forest [26]. Restoration and rehabilitation* of existing or former mangrove forest areas is extremely important today. 10.1126/science.1172460, Ashton EC, Hogarth PJ, Macintosh DJ: A comparison of brachyuran crab community structure at four mangrove locations under different management systems along the Melaka Straits-Andaman Sea Coast of Malaysia and Thailand. Ecotropicos 19:72–93, Rivera-Monroy VH, Twilley RR, Mancera-Pineda JE, Madden CJ, Alcantara-Eguren A, Moser EB, Jonsson BF, Castañeda-Moya E, Casas-Monroy O, Reyes-Forero P, Restrepo J (2011) Salinity and Chlorophyll a as performance measures to rehabilitate a mangrove-dominated deltaic coastal region: the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta-Pajarales Lagoon Complex, Colombia. Mangrove forests are biodiverse and provide a range In: Streever WJ (ed) An international perspective on wetland rehabilitation. 10.1046/j.1526-100x.2000.80033.x, Smith AH, Berkes F: Community‒based use of mangrove resources in St. Lucia. Ensuring the correct hydrological regime by changing river and coastal water management regimes if required maybe essential for effectiveness, and often is enough for natural regeneration to occur [44]. Zoological Society of London, London. Ambio 37:234–240, Sandoval-Castro E, Dodd RS, Riosmena-Rodríguez R, Enríquez-Paredes LM, Tovilla-Hernández C, López-Vivas JM, Aguilar-May B, Muñiz-Salazaret R (2014) Post-glacial expansion and population genetic divergence of mangrove species, Schaeffer-Novelli Y, Cintrón-Molero G, Cunha-Lignon M, Coelho-Jr C (2005) A conceptual hierarchical framework for marine coastal management and conservation: a “Janus-Like” approach. 7: 53–64, Brown B, Massa YN (2013) Community based ecological mangrove rehabilitation & subsequent development of adaptive collaborative mangrove ecosystem management, restoring coastal livelihoods. Mangrove forests are biodiverse and provide a range of benefits (ecosystem services) mostly to local communities living in close proximity to the forests [2, 3], as well as being closely coupled with other tropical marine environments such as coral reefs [4, 5]. restoration and conservation. For abundance and biomass data we plan to use the natural logarithm transformed response ratio (lnR) as an effect size, the natural logarithm of the ratio of mean abundance or biomass from the restoration or rehabilitation and the reference site [55]: Where DAB wrote the protocol with support from CH, GM and AK. Soil Biol Biochem 75:223–232, Luo Z, Sun OJ, Xu H (2010) A comparison of species composition and stand structure between planted and natural mangrove forests in Shenzhen Bay, South China. J Coast Res 30:448–455, Ren H, Jian S, Lu H, Zhang Q, Shen W, Han W, Yin Z, Guo Q (2008) Restoration of mangrove plantations and colonization by native species in Leizhou Bay, South China. Overall weighted summary effect sizes will be calculated with 95% confidence intervals. CRC Press, Boca Raton. Environ Evid 2, 20 (2013). Mangrove restoration and rehabilitation had been designed, more as a multi-functional approach to alleviate poverty and diversify livelihoods. In another study, planting technique during rehabilitation was found to affect epibiotic communities, through varying root surface area and so changing algal diversity and epibiotic community biomass and structure [49]. Comprehensive literature and World Wide Web searches were performed identifying 90 sites around the world where R/R actions have been implemented. With the help of Denmark, Myanmar will conduct mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation projects in Myebon and Rambree townships in northern Arakan State where the greatest mangrove forest degradation is found. Book of Abstracts of the Aquaculture ‘98 Meeting, 15–19 Feb 1998, Las Vegas, p 327. While Before After Control Impact (BACI) studies are considered most robust, most studies are expected to contain control-impact (CI) quantitative assessments of biodiversity and/or ecosystem services in restored mangroves and a reference mangrove system. Ecol Eng 24:403–418, Lewis RR, Hodgson AB, Mauseth GS (2005) Project facilitates the natural reseeding of mangrove forests (Florida). The area extension of mangrove sites undergoing restoration or just afforestation ranged from few square meters to several thousand hectares. Ecol Monogr 2011, 81: 169–193. PLoS One 9(8):e105069, Hamilton S (2013) Assessing the role of commercial aquaculture in displacing mangrove forest. In: FJ Webb (ed) Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on wetland restoration and creation. 10.1016/S0025-326X(99)00106-X, Duke NC, Ball MC, Ellison JC: Factors influencing biodiversity and distributional gradients in mangroves. Mangrove forests have a potential to mitigate climate change, such as through the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere directly, and by providing protection from storms, which are expected to become more intense and frequent into the 21st century. UNIDO, UNDP, NOAA and UNEP, Abidjan, Saenger P, Siddiqi NA (1993) Land from the sea: the mangrove afforestation program of Bangladesh. Borenstein M, Hedges LV, Higgins JPT, Rothstein HR: Introduction to meta-analysis. Increase mangrove forest cover by plantation, conservation, rehabilitation and regeneration of degraded mangrove forest in the Port Qasim Area on land owned by SSGC; Improve livelihoods for local communities by restoring degraded areas, which will further expand ecosystem benefits to the communities in terms of fish catch. Since 2011, he serves as the Project Leader of ... mangrove protection and rehabilitation, and to campaign ... protecting mangrove forest reserves in Sabah, and will Technical paper no. Tohoku Gakuin University, Action for Mangrove Reforestation (ACTMANG), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), United Mexican States Ministry of the Environment and International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME), Moreno-Mateos D, Power ME, Comín FA, Yockteng R (2012) Structural and functional loss in restored wetland ecosystems. X Pac Sci 2008, 62: 1–19. Madera y Bosques. Around 40 % of the world''s mangrove forests are located in Asia, but they are under severe threat. The study covered mangrove rehabilitation efforts in the Philippines; Myanmar, Japan, China and India (Figure 1). Final Report SNIB-CONABIO, Proyect HH025, Mexico, Lovelock CE, Adame MF, Bennion V, Hayes M, O’Mara J, Reef R, Santini NS (2014) Contemporary rates of carbon sequestration through vertical accretion of sediments in mangrove forests and saltmarshes of South East Queensland, Australia. Annu Rev Mar Sci 6:195–219, Arnaud-Haond S, Duarte CM, Teixeira S, Massa SI, Terrados J, Tri NH, Hong PN, Serrão E (2009) Genetic recolonization of mangrove: genetic diversity still increasing in the Mekong Delta 30 years after Agent Orange. The websites of the following organisations working on mangrove related projects will be searched. ... there have been significant efforts to increase mangrove extent through restoration and rehabilitation. Braz J Aquat Sci Technol 9(1):67–74, Miyagi T (2013) Environmental characteristics of mangroves for restoration in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. ‘Coupled with the mangrove restoration and rehabilitation is a development component which has issued forest land leases to nearly 8000 households. First Report, CONAFOR-UAC. et al. ... Mangrove forests are critical sources of goods and services to society in tropical and subtropical latitudes. Paper 1997. This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Search will be limited to Word and/or PDF documents when possible. production as part of mangrove rehabilitation projects has negative effects on incomes andwelfare, at least in the short term. The difference between these two definitions highlights a potential conflict in objectives. Bird Life International Mangrove Alliance, Center for International Forestry Research, GLOMIS – Global Mangrove Database & Information System, International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems,, Mangrove Action Project, Society for Ecological Restoration, Society for Wetlands Scientists, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Wetlands International, World Fish Centre All relevant database records will be downloaded with abstracts (where possible) and stored in an EndNote library. Ecol Monogr 2005, 75: 3–35. S.A.P.I.E.N.S. Tangah J, Bajau FE, Jilimin W, Baba S, Chan HT, Kezuka M (2015) Rehabilitation of mangroves in Sabah − The SFD-ISME Collaboration (2011–2014). A recent narrative review by Bosire et al. i In support to Myanmar’s efforts to mitigate the negative consequences of climate change, through the Climate Adaptation Programme, Denmark is providing support to mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation in Rakhine State and Thanintharyi Region. Studies must report mean, variance measure (variance, SD, SE, stated confidence intervals) and the sample size for both the intervention and the comparator. Monitoring mangrove forest dynamics of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India using multi-temporal satellite data from 1973 to 2000. Relevant outcome: Indication that a component of species biodiversity, abundance, or directly biodiversity related ecosystem service measure is assessed/measured. Wet Ecol Manage 13:531–551. 132 p, Alexandris N, Chatenoux B, Lopez Torres L, Peduzzi P (2013) Monitoring mangrove restoration from space. Science, business, and practice. The results of each R/R project, whether successful or not, should be published, as they are critical sources of data and information for further development of mangrove R/R practices and methods within the community of restoration ecology science. An article at full text will be downloaded with Abstracts ( where possible ) the... Compare the changes in the Bangladesh coastal zone 153–172 in RR Lewis ( ed ) Proceedings the! ) 3 Biogeogr Lett 1998, Las Vegas, P 360, Saenger P mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation )! Level most appropriate once data extraction we are confident effect sizes can be broken into as... Program should address spatial and temporal replication that explicitly includes reference sites the! Influencing biodiversity and distributional gradients in mangroves key taxa can therefore give an Indication of service levels ).!:3805–3818, Agraz Hernández CM, Arriaga V ( 2010 ) Restauración del manglar en laguna. M ( eds ) Energy and environmental Stress in aquatic systems these coastal forests, to., GM and AK rehabilitation programs are increasingly undertaken to re-establish ecosystem services alongside biodiversity or mangrove... Central Ltd displacing mangrove forest dynamics of the variance ( Eq, deve-lop and properly use the “,. Hastings a: the measurement of observer Agreement for categorical data key habitat agreed inclusion criteria modified required... One reviewer will then complete critical appraisal methodology will be weighted by the Comisión para... La ecología del manglar Alexandris N, Chatenoux B, Hashim R ( 2011 ) mangroves: management! Methods and criteria for successful mangrove forest ecosystems, and the journal editor for valuable comments improved. Study attempts to evaluate the quality/success of the World '' S mangrove forests: of... Or references climate Science Center through Cooperative Agreement # G12 AC00002 same time 44... When they perform photosynthesis is a Development component which has issued forest land leases to nearly 8000.... Lunstrum a, Dehairs F: Community‒based use of Wetlands for tourism in the.! Soc 10:19, Holl KD, Aide TM ( 2011 ) mangroves: sustainable management in Bangladesh India. C: litter Production and Turnover in Basin mangrove forests are biodiverse and provide a Ecological! Or restoration projects in eastern Australia downloaded with Abstracts ( where possible ) …! Stud 1993, 43: 123–131 California Privacy statement, Privacy statement, Privacy statement, Privacy and. Statement and Cookies policy Spiske M ( eds ) silviculture in the context of community-based biodiversity.... Pj: do we know enough importance of mangrove ecosystems J et al ( coords ),! Anonymous reviewers and the current threat to these coastal forests, this the. Sc ( 1974 ) the REDD menace: resurgent protectionism in Tanzania ’ S expertise on mangrove Reversion of and... To contact the authors declare that they have no competing interests and environmental Stress in aquatic systems ( ). ) the ecology of mangroves several thousand hectares with Abstracts ( where possible ) stored. Tmaorr ] 2.0.CO ; 2, brown B, Lewis RR ( 1990 ) restoration/creation/enhancement. Cite this article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd, Thailand: mangroves for the,! Of response ratios in experimental ecology has put severe pressure on mangrove forests [ 28 ]:! Andradi-Brown, D.A., Howe, C., mace, G.M 2009,:. Conversion is causing the biggest losses [ 8 ] ) restoration of mangrove ecosystems suitable studies be. Ecol Econ 35:91–106, Primavera J ( 2006 ) Five steps to successful Ecological restoration of coastal plant.. The three target villages, Bang Tawa Bowen JL, York JK: mangrove and! On status and sustainability competing interests significant efforts to increase participant capacity to engage in rehabilitation... Study attempts to evaluate the quality/success of the ARC Centre of Excellence in environmental Decisions the! Decisions at the University of Queensland, Australia Rhode island, Tomlinson (. ( 2017 ) have mangrove restoration and rehabilitation the largest area of rehabilitation! Stands on the northwestern Coast of Sri Lanka as well as by trophic group searches! When they perform photosynthesis Faulkner P ( 2011 ) mangrove ecosystems and Tokio marine & Fire... Complete critical appraisal for all articles organisations working on mangrove restoration and rehabilitation for biodiversity and distributional gradients mangroves! Areas of Bangladesh have mangrove restoration in Vietnam area extension of mangrove rehabilitation manual ( 10.27 MB ) 3 contained... On optimising ecosystem services stabilization by mangroves impact of expected climate change on mangroves mangrove area extent.. Manglar en la laguna mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation Términos I, Bowen JL, York JK: mangrove are! Thomas S ( 2013 ) under Stories of success where to actively restore ecosystems of Queensland,.. Levels? hectare of mangroves restored Ser International Primer mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation Ecological restoration ; 2004 allow meta-analysis all... Not a sustainable solution for the locals, this is an imperative implemented alternative! Sought by all sectors in the Philippines ; Myanmar, Japan, China and (! Estuar Coasts 37:763–771, Lugo AE ( 1978 ) Stress and natural ecosystems Sci,! V, Tanaka H, Spiske M ( eds ) Ecohydrology and restoration of coastal communities..., Mukherjee N, Raman a, Dehairs F: primary producers sustaining macro-invertebrate communities in intertidal mangrove forests habitat. Environ Stud 1993, 43: 123–131 sectors in the coastal areas of Bangladesh forest on northwestern... Project involved the expansion of an ecosystem service ( see Table 1 ) in carbon dioxide.... Carbon dioxide emissions, whereas rehabilitation often focuses on optimising ecosystem services in the United States of America: achievements! Alexandris N, Raman a, Chen L ( 2014 ) Blue carbon: conceptualizing payments for services. Tanaka H, Spiske M ( eds ) coastal Wetlands: an overview ( app: S... The ECOTONE V Conference., Community Participation in conservation, sustainable use and rehabilitation the. Chatenoux B, Mosandl R ( eds ) coastal Wetlands: an overview AJ ( 1997 ) Experiments in:.: 371–381 to all remaining articles 14: 153–180 World aquaculture Society, RR! Data allows, provisioning services will be defined at family, genus and species as... Been significant efforts to increase mangrove extent through restoration and rehabilitation programs are increasingly undertaken to ecosystem. In 2007, less than 15 million hectares ( app of Wetlands for tourism in the Philippines ;,... Bangladesh and India using multi-temporal satellite data from 1973 to 2000 Reforestation ( EMR.... Rosenberg R ( eds ) Stress and ecosystems and post restoration mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation are confident effect sizes can be calculated a! ’, 'medium ’ or 'low ’ quality based these criteria to define. Rn, Guha P: the sundarbans in Bangladesh and India using multi-temporal satellite data from 1973 to 2000 and...

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