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acoustic guitar repair london

The two bridge posts, which have a small slot in the top for height adjustment with a flat screwdriver, are M4 metric thread and they screw in to 12mm diameter metal inserts in the top of the guitar that seem to be set into the bracing. The bridge, which has similarities to that used on the Fender Mustang, floats on two pointed pivot screws, one at either end, that sit in holes in two, completely floating, chromed pucks with rubber pads on their bases. Telephone or Text: (226) 503-9317 Guitar, Bass & Musical Instrument Repair service based in London, UK. Value – maybe £2,000, the guitar is not in mint condition, but it is left handed. No power indicator light. The screws and springs are all the same size. Parts – LaBella 760FHB2 strings – £36 + 2 post. In use the tremolo is quite gentle and, because of the long arm and the leaf spring, feels quite spongy, rather like a Bigsby. Tightened up the nuts on all the controls, on the switch and on the output jack. Chandler Guitars). Plays like a Martin guitar now. There are 3 dual triode valves (12AX7A) plus various op-amps in the pre-amp and the solid state 100W output stage uses a pair of complementary power MOSFETs (output transistors Exicon 10P20, 10N20 – £11.80 a pair on ebay). The nut itself measures 39mm and may not be original. These are ‘modern player’ guitars. The finish on this guitar has a number of long cracks in it and the odd chip. For simplicity I have placed the bridge with the two pivot pucks up against the back edge of the bridge pickup as a stable reference point. Neck – Maple, one piece, 3 bolt neck with black plastic dots finished in a high gloss poly that has darkened to a ‘vintage’ amber. With over 40 years of experience we have made, customised and repaired acoustic/classical and electric guitars, basses/double bass , violins, cellos, bouzoukis, sitars, koras and many more. Many of my workshop visitors are London based although many also come from far afield. At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. The only problem is that the two 25mm height adjustment screws only have 2mm extending past the threads in the pickup legs so if the pickup loosens at all the screws don’t have far to go before they come loose and the pickup falls out. Other paint schemes in the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours. Tremolo cavity fitted with a silver mirror cover plate. The thin black burst was applied to hide this ‘burn’. Obviously at some point someone had dropped the wrench inside the guitar and it ended up stuck to the pickup magnets.The top E pole screw had been noticeably raised to compensate for the higher volume from the other strings due to the increase in the upper magnetic field caused by the wrench. Oak 5 way pickup selector switch fitted, with a black switch tip secured with a drop of superglue. The control route is stamped with 12=1SG Y. On another saddle the intonation screw thread is damaged and the screw is jammed. Guitar Repairs London. Surrey & South London . 0.047uF plastic film tone cap. The old panel has the switches riveted to a brass sub-panel that is held in place by the pot nuts, which means that the new components cannot easily be transferred to the old panel to preserve the old look and the engraving. D tuner was starting to fall apart. Pins numbered clockwise looking up at the base of the valve. – £12.39. Mirror insert missing from the middle of one of the knobs. Body is finished in a black/brown to dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. The design suited the skills of the Hofner workforce, which had been making instruments of the violin family, and was intended to provide the bass player, who would previously have played an acoustic upright bass, with a very lightweight and compact electric alternative. 1 to 2 = 14.76 V AC no valves plugged in. Re-mounted the Bigby on the guitar and clipped a Vibromate String Spoiler to the string roller to make re-stringing easier. All of the electronics of the Bradley 100W Roadrunner is mounted onto the back panel with the original square frame power transformer bolted to the bottom of the cabinet. The bridge has six adjustable barrel saddles. Hofner seem to have used quite a variety of circuit configurations over the years and the new panel is not wired the same as the old one. Electric, Re-fretting, repair services, Restring an electric Guitar, Restringing, revalve, setup, Setup for Drop Tunings, Strap Button Repair, string buzzing, true bypass, Truss Rod Adjustment, Tuner Repair. A further two holes serve as ‘knife edge’ bearing points for the two tremolo pivots which are two short hex rods with a turned waist serving as a V pivot. The workshop’s located on the top floor of 125 Charing Cross Road in London’s West End – right opposite the west end of Denmark Street. Unlike the Mustang / Jazzmaster bridges which are of folded steel, this bridge is cast from Zinc alloy and then chrome plated, as are the two pivot pucks. The covers don’t fit flush, they are short of the forbon baseplate by about 1mm which allows clearance for the two lead out wires. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. Guitar Repairs, Advice, Maintenance & Guitar Setups London. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers. If any of the play heads are open circuit the playback amplifier sees an open circuit when that head is selected by its push button, and the output produces a loud hum. Although some of these guitars are still in the retail chain. ... London Workshop. Large Fender CBS style headstock. three head unit was his response). Delivered strung with flatwound strings 0.043, 0.061, 0.078, 0.100 as measured. means ‘death to Selmer’. After removing the Epiphone tension roller, I reamed out the tapered holes in the vibrato frame with a 9.5mm drill. Re-built the licensed Bigsby. We are never open on weekends and bank holidays. Injected contact cleaner into all the pots to fix crackles. 21 bids. The truss rod was loose with no tension applied. The controls and pre-amp PCB with the three valves are at the top of the panel. The Coronado has a completely floating bridge that balances on two needle point bearing screws that sit in chrome plated, cast zinc pucks. Mains fuse blown as well as several internal fuses. A shot of WD-40 into the pickup switch really loosened it up, now it feels like a normal pickup toggle. Originally fitted with a pearloid pick guard, the guard is missing from this bass (replacement H65/36 £27.33). London Guitar Repair Specialists Since 1972 And the UK’s best-loved, family run instrument repair business. With the strings removed the neck had a tiny amount of forward bow. V2 replaced with a N.O.S Brimar ECC83 – the heaters of the old valve were open circuit. The tuners seem to require a stepped hole. Guitar repair term to reset intonation and action to correct points (a common requirement). Replace all screws with new – black screws on the pickguard, Electrically screen the guitar with copper tape, Replace the bridge with a Wilkinson steel block bridge with vintage saddles, Replace the old bent metal string trees with Graph Tech trees, New D’Addario waterfall swirl scratch plate. The foot switch is active when both push/push buttons are up (blue and green LEDs on). Search for suppliers and repair specialists near you, request a quote and review your local Guitar Repairs on I added a couple of lock nuts to the protruding ends of the screws and as a further precaution painted these nuts with clear nail polish to glue them in place. Strings are loaded with the ball end towards the neck, run through and folded under the chrome bar tremolo string anchor, then up to run over the floating bridge. 12 = 2 is stamped on the end of the heal. Fret Leveling & Dressing, Wiring Issues and Neck/Bridge/Nut/Tremelo Adjustments, The turnaround is the fastest in London the rates are super fair and most importantly the work is done right with the player in mind, From simple input jack fixes to pickup replacements to customers creative wiring mods and full rewires, All custom work can be completed and executed to the highest professional standards. Wunjo on Denmark Street in Central London is far more than just an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboard shop. Two mismatched securing screws replaced with matching screws. With excellent diagnostic skills, high quality guitar repairs, and vintage restorations. Current value – purchased second hand for £450. These are fitted closely together (the spacing along with the large buttons make this guitar hard to tune) and five of these tuners have a small bevel on the locating screw lug that allows it to tuck in under the next tuner. All three pickups are manufactured to identical specifications. Pickup wires are black and blue plastic insulated solid copper wire. With relatively small posts with small holes for the string ends, these tuners are designed to be used with custom made strings that transition into tapered ends that will fit the posts. Bridge height is adjusted through these two screws. © London Guitar Academy. Reconditioned the heads of the four neck ‘bolts’ and all other bolts and screws. Required fields are marked *. Description – A mechanical ¼ inch tape loop, valve, reverb / echo unit. They also have graduated string grooves, so each saddle is unique, one small saddle has a large groove for the bottom E and one a small groove for the top E. Small springs, with the intonation screws running through them, pass most of the way through the saddles. 12 String Nut - £80. 32 – 0 – 32 V AC @ 2A (128VA so buy a 150VA) for the MOSFET power amplifier – orange – black – orange, 14V AC @ 0.7A (9.8VA so 10VA) for the 12AX7 pre-amp valve series heaters (pins 4 & 5) pair of white wires, 250V @ 75mA (18.75VA so 20VA) for the valve HT – pair of yellow wires, CON81 (on power amp PCB) Numbered left to right on pin side, 3 – 32 V AC goes to F81 T2AL250V NOT blown. We’ve gained an excellent reputation for our work! Pickup switch seems stiff and unreliable. Some Fender guitars of the period also feature solid cast zinc bridges as a cost saving (the more complicated and expensive machined steel inertia block, bolted to a hardened steel bridge plate, with folded steel saddles was judged unnecessary by Fender management at the time) so exactly who was copying who isn’t clear. Fretboard buffed clean and polished. The original Fender Mustang has the same heavy string anchor bar and the same tremolo arm, but uses two coil springs to provide counter tension to the strings. ‘Genuine Hofner Original Made in Germany’ is stamped on the back of the headstock. Neck – The one piece, glued in neck, of maple (or possibly sycamore) has 22 thin vintage frets and round pearloid markers on a rosewood fretboard. The test shows the following frets are high; 10 just a little on the high E side, 12 particularly on the low E side, 14, 18 and 20 a little in the middle. Fortunately the wide bridge then allows enough travel in the saddles to achieve correct intonation on all the strings. Friendly and efficient guitar services in the Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston and Wimbledon area. Tokais can also be identified through their serial numbers, but there are some instances of departures from this system. Body – The double cutaway, arched, thinline body is of beechwood ply with a white/black/white binding front and back. The neck on this one measures 1.635 and the nut itself is just a little narrower than the neck. Long (Set) Saddle - from £70 . Wire and fuses from Maplin (R.I.P.) Valve heaters regulator = 11.8V DC no valves plugged in. While the Tokai wooden parts and pickups are usually very good, some of the general hardware is of low quality. Work Done – The original custom mains transformer was replaced with three, off-the-shelf, toroidal transformers. Strange little 5 way pickup switch. Delivered with a black, Epiphone branded, hard case. Behind a small fruit garden in North London, two men handcraft guitars. They have been in storage so are dusty and have surface rust. I make and repair guitars and other stringed instruments. The PCB mount pins on these are rather flexible and the PCB mount part moves around by a worrying amount. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The end block is usually glued to the top, back and sides at the bottom end of the guitar. Since the Coronado here is left handed that makes replacement arms even rarer. These feed 14V AC power to the bridge rectifier that feeds a 12 V DC regulator that powers the valve heaters with the two heaters in each dual triode wired in series. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers. The floating wooden bridge has a base and upper section mounted on two height adjustment thumb wheels, which as delivered, are screwed all the way down. We guarantee all our work – Your satisfaction is our aim! Has a loose output jack, pickup switch and bridge tone control. A further 6 way connector CON80 on the power amp board connects the output of the pre-amp to the input of the power amp and feeds plus and minus, zener regulated supplies, for the pre-amp ICs (blue and red wires) derivedfrom the power amp 32-0-32 V supplies. Low prices, fast service, and 100’s of loyal customers. Each one of our handmade acoustic guitars is made with at least 120 hours of hand tooling and inspection. Apparently a trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang should fit the Coronado trem. I am happy to give your guitar a complete check… Tracing the birth of one dulcimer, Wooden Butterflies reveals a journey of metamorphosis: the translation of memory into music. It’s really good. Electronics tested while the guitar was disassembled and it functioned with no faults, no crackles or dropouts (also later tested OK with the guitar plugged in), except for the discovery of the reversed control wiring. London Guitar Repairs. Guitar repairs London, Amp repairs, Guitar Setups, re-fretting, Headstock repairs and full re-wires, spares and custom parts. 250V AC supply – rectified and smoothed for valve HT, F80 – T2A L250V …. With the Mustang and the Coronado, Fender introduced the Fender Dynamic Vibrato, a two part system where the tremolo mechanism is separated from the bridge. They were made as 1 by 12 and 2 by 12 combos. The chrome pickup surrounds have a point on one side and although these were usually fitted with the point down towards the tailpiece, some Coronado’s have them the other way up. Rust around the hole in the front panel jamming the Drive / Clean push-push switch removed so the switch can move freely. With the strings depressed at the last fret. The volume and tone have small round ivory plastic ‘teacup’ knobs with gold anodised central concave metal inserts (the Hofner Potiknob H909/15 replacements £9.43 each). ... Acoustic Guitar Saddle £65. After the heads there is a fixed aluminium tape guide followed by the motor spindle / tape capstan. Guitar re-assembled, set of RotoSound Yellows (10 to 46) fitted (twists soldered on the three plain strings) set-up and intonated. Work to be done – The neck pickup has come loose and dropped into the body, control plate to be swapped for a new one supplied by the client, bridge to be properly fitted to the body/ Re-string with new LaBella 760FHB2 “Beatle” Bass Stainless Flats 39-96. The string tension is balanced by a double leaf spring, concealed in the tailpiece. The Rhythm/Solo switch either connects the selected pickup/s directly to the output or via the 0.047uF for a more treble tone. The neck is bound in white plastic with large oval black edge markers. The plywood cabinet is covered in black tolex with chromed steel corner protectors. Can be found on offer for as high as £799. Removed the old tension roller. Front panel Drive / Clean push switch is jammed. We simply believe that a handmade guitar offers something unique and magical. Pickup services are offered from complete rewinds to waxing/potting. We know each other's shops well, having visited each other and worked together on sales and service for Lowden customers. Give us a call or stop by today and put our decades of guitar and bass fixing, sweetening, tweaking, modifying and general miracle working to … 14V AC – via a diode bridge rec. Problems – In for cleaning (the bass is very grubby) and a set-up. A small grub screw at the bottom of the tailpiece allows adjustment for the spring tension. H1133B Beatle Bass Strings flat wound nickel 0.040, 0.055, 0.070, 0.100 £48.47+10 Thomman, The LaBella range of ‘Beatle’ bass string sets, 760FHBB “Beatle” Bass Stainless Flats 50-100 (0.050, 0.065, 0.080, 0.100), 760FHB2 “Beatle” Bass Stainless Flats 39-96 £36 + 2 Bass Direct UK, 760RHBB “Beatle” Bass Stainless Rounds 50-100, 760NHBB “Beatle” Bass Black Nylon Tape 50-100 £25.17 + 6.26 post from USA, 760THBB “Beatle” Bass White Nylon Tape 50-100. Guild Guitars. I manufactured two new plastic bushings from ABS 0.75 inch long 3/8” diameter spacers with centre hole drilled out to 5mm. Packed full of the best from the world of new, used and vintage guitars, basses and read more. Valves – This unit has a Mullard ECC83, a Brimar 6BR8 and a Mullard ECC83 – These may be the original valves. Testing across all the various power rails on the amplifier doesn’t show any shorts. One piece Zinc alloy bridge replaced with a Wilkinson WV6SBCR (chrome plated steel bridge plate with a steel inertia block) which has the narrower 2 1/8 inch string spacing and the oval mounting holes that will allow for the odd Tokai bridge mounting screw spacing. Sometimes you will see them with one pickup pointing up and one down! Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. Tokai spring claw retained as it matches the spacing of the original tremolo tension screws. V1 replaced with a new Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 – the old valve was microphonic, the amp went into acoustic feedback oscillation when switched to the blue channel with the drive engaged. The bridge should be oriented with the intonation screws towards the tailpiece. Cheap Japanese output jack replaced with a Switchcraft, fitted with a screened cable. Guitar Repairs London – Acoustic and Electric Instruments, Guitar Setup London – While-You Wait & Next-Day Repairs, To find out more about my guitar repair and maintenance services or to book a free consultation simply call 07957230354 or email Terry @. Blackstar Amplification. As a result, when the Epiphone string shaft is rotated it feels like the bearings are full of sand. Push on knobs onto round shaft pots don’t lock to the shafts, so control knobs tend to just spin round and round. The bridge height adjustment wrench can be used to make fine adjustments to the bridge tilt on its pivots by inserting it into one of the height grub screws and using it as a lever. Work done –  Guitar disassembled, cleaned and polished. Removed the inner circlip from the string roller to stop it binding against the bearing housing. Bottom grille is smashed. Two bent metal string trees with a spacer. Assuming the dimensions and pickup positions weren’t changing a lot out of the factory then the intonation on most of these guitars must be way off. In this amp the heaters are run off a regulated 12V DC feed and the heaters centre tap on pin 9 is not connected. Hardware – The pick guard is a black three ply guard with 11 fixing screws. The nut of laminated white / black / white celluloid only sets string spacing, as there is a jumbo zero fret. 211 Lambert Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA Note – Parts are extremely hard to find. This places the strings across the the fretboard in a very comfortable position – wider at the nut for ease of fingering, but at the same time further from the fretboard edge on the higher frets. We also service and repair amplifiers, keyboards, pedals and other electronics. Does your guitar knob perform as well as you’d like. The bridge is set very high and is highest on the treble side. Input jack on top panel. Tightened the output jack nut and painted on a little clear nail varnish to help lock it in place. The bridge should be adjusted to close to vertical on its pivots. 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This is the size of wrench used to adjust the bridge height grub screws. Today – £400 to £565, depending on condition. For some bizarre reason all the controls are wired in reverse, so that maximum is anti-clockwise. With both buttons down the foot switch is defeated and the amp is switched to red channel and the blue channel, although not selected, is switched to drive (red and orange LEDs on). A Red LED for the red channel a Blue LED for the blue channel, an Orange LED for blue drive and a Green LED for blue clean. Current production has a Casino VS (no Bigsby) which sells at a street price of £438.10. While these Tokai guitars are certainly very good copies, they are copies of US originals that were arguably at their lowest ebb in terms of quality. Below is an examples of the detailed repair logs we issue with our repairs. Metal insert witch hat knobs (reflector knobs). Oddly unbalanced output from the bridge pickup with the high E pole raised above the others. Amp shows no sign of life when plugged in and switched on. Two Epiphone P90 pickups with chrome plated dog-ear covers (the base plates of the P90s have their two end tabs soldered to the inside of the dog ears on the covers), Epiphone ABR-1 style Tone-O-Matic bridge (nickel plated). Top three tuners are loose on their locating screws and threaded collars. The headstock has a thin black/white celluloid facing with the brand ‘Hofner’ in reflective gold script. I used a standard 43mm wide nut with a 35mm string spacing and filed the ends down to match the narrow 40mm wide neck. LONDON Sale repair restoration vintage non-vintage guitars stringed instruments posters art | Guitar Yard - Guitar Yard specialises in the repair and restoration of vintage and non-vintage guitars, including Fender, Danelectro, Gibson, Gretsch and other stringed instruments as … Or maybe for props or displays? Acoustic Guitar Joblot For Spares Or Repair. Re-positioned the tension pin on the D tuner and dabbed a little nail polish on either end to ‘glue’ it in place. The roller supports the end of the two layer, blued steel, leaf spring. BRADLEY ROADRUNNER 100W 2 X 12 COMBO GUITAR AMPLIFIER. A 1/4” roller axle is used, running in push-in nylon bushings inserted, both into the frame and into the ends of the thin tension roller tube. I tightened the truss rod until the neck was flat and then applied a fret rocker test. The ecologically friendly way to boost your guitar’s output. Effects loop send, series return, parallel return and foot switch on back panel. Known today as the ‘Beatle Bass’, originally designed by Walter Hofner in 1955 and launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1956, the Hofner 500/1 is a four string, short scale, electric bass guitar with a hollow violin style body. F1 and F2 on the main PCB are blown. Removed the 3/32 inch hex wrench stuck to the back of the bridge pickup. A 2006 Epiphone Custom Shop, Limited Edition, Casino thin-line, electric guitar. The narrow neck and 30 inch short scale makes this bass very comfortable to play even with a relatively high action. Steel String Guitar or Bass $20 12-String Guitar $30 Locking-Tremolo Guitar $30 Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo $30 Ukulele $15 Setups Guitar or Bass (Electric or Acoustic) $75 and up Requires neck removal for truss-rod adjustment Add $10 Non-locking tremolo bridge Add $10 Locking tremolo bridge Add $25 12-string Add $25 A full pro go over head to body. We carry a wide range of Acoustic and Electric guitars, amplifiers and accessories. Epiphone licensed Bigsby B700 model trapeze vibrato tailpiece. Problems – Customer suspected problems with the loudspeakers. Allparts USA does carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 Tremolo Arm for Vintage Mustang®. Repairs . Hardware – Epiphone Kluson style 18:1 tuners (stamped with the Epiphone epsilon brand) with integral nickel plate oval metal buttons. On the Epiphone the two circlips are too close to the roller bearings and they mechanically interfere with the bearing housings.

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